Local Health is Global!
Are we realising several challenging generations shifts,
just wondering how?

Each geographically defined area, each organisation, each family also have their history.
The person, the baby who was born today will most likely have 32 years of age in year 2050. By then 25% of the Swedish population, most likely, will conisist of different experienced persons who have reached the age of 65 years. 2050, that will be the following year for the person who is 32 years old today.
Already NOW you can find our demographic lead in Norrbotten. Just as in Japan .

Isn´t it fantastic! New knowledge and new insights are shared every minute, cannot wait. The meaningful?

The lagrest room we have is the room for improvement.
Make it together, make it fun and make it meaningful!

Our collective experience and our collective possibilities for joy of life and wellbeing is increasing. 
Try the simple test with exciting fresh knowledge that GAPMINDER gives in the spirit of Hans Rosling. Children in schools makes it.

See how many hours of the the Swedish economy that actually do impact our collective, your, and your close ones, health? Local Health is Global! Global Health is Local!. Why is The Rule of Law so important?

(Offentlig=public, Idéburen=Not for profit, Näringsliv=industry, Hushåll=household)

There are ”networks”
Hur vet du det? is a campaign  coordinated by the nonprofit organisation Science & Public, VA for around 80 organisations that wants to increase the knowledge about what science is and how it can be used to build a better society. Among the partners there is representatives for unions, research funders, associations, companies, authorities, and universities.

Under the surface fantastic ”Pluralistic  Mycel” can be found.
The ”Pluralistitic Mycel” that under certain cultural circomstances can make deed. Experienced teams having meaningful great fun. Is it possible to open up and find new ways to match with the young and take perspective together?
Start as in microsystems? In a point of fact, have the opportunities ever been better than now!?  We can learn, we can exercise and we can coordinate TOGETHER WITH EACHOTHER – about what´s possible - Locally AND at the same time Globally!

Every sector has its collective story.
Each geographically defined area, each organisation, each family also has its collective story.

Time for A New Multi-layered Pluralistic Sector?
The Swedish National Registry Senior alert, used in 280 of 294 of the municipalities, and in almost all regions in Sweden – is an elemental benchmark. No one left behind. All are included, regardless of road selection with every person, every baby that is born today, and every each other resident all over Sweden – along the road of life from age of 64+ to the most close to social care in the elderly care. That´s where most of us, hopefully, will turn up sooner and/or later. As long as it´s just possible, our population can live healthier and more mobile have more socially worthy years, increased joy of life. In experienced teams we´ll be able to contribute in and towards a sustainable sociaty.Global Health is Local and Local Health is Global! 

”The days for stereotypes are gone" 
”A homogeneous team cannot create trustworthiness". That is emphasized with ever-increasing sharpness. We hardly have the time to argue about what came first of the rooster, the hen or the egg. ALL WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW and DO SHARE is a context changer. It´s more meaningful to look forward, proactively with inclusive dignity and without unnecessary delay. We are all volnerable in different ways. Perhaps that´s our best asset? There is still so much we don´t have a clue about.

Just do! 
TOGETHER - all have something new to learn, all have something to teach. There is still so much we don´t know. It is possible to meet in a New Pluralistisc Sector in multiple layers  TOGETHER WITH EACH OTHER. A pluralistisc sector for what we want, can and really need to create together. Just do in mutual humility! DIFFERENT organisations for trustworthiness and social benefit, without excluding projects.  A New Sector with space for strength, broad-mindedness and warm hearts in present magic LEARNING PROCESSES. 

With Support in Senior alert
With support in the elemental benchmark Senior alert it is possible to search for various knowledge to MEASURE THE ABILITY OF ALL SECTORS and their COMMON AGILITY to create perhaps the most important; GLOBAL HEALTH BETTER LOCALLY. Where are we mow? What is "local" for you? What is important for you? What is important for us? The big challenge is the Culture/Qulture (when we measure) – ALL THE TIME. That´s when it gets fun, and that´s when things happen. In trustworthy microsystems we can learn more, share various scouting and boost our energy each current context.

Please contact us and/or do just start. 
The lagrest room we have is the room for improvement. Make it together where you are, make it fun and make it meaningful and find the enegry for movement, balance and change! Global Health is Local! Local Health is Global!

Develop the "swing door" mechanisms!
Develop the "swing door" quality of healthcare mechanisms, in, to, from and out to the quality of life outside the HealthCare and the most important management that should be named something else, the management with experience from co-dependancy - SocialCare. With earlier, long term outcome results it´s possible to continue and explore new ways for PREVENTION. That is also the purpose and the scouting behind Senior alert & ROTATIONSHIP®. There are many ways! Experience is a long story of life in a new context.

Something so simple as to meet over a good lunch? Anyhere.
Forward to someone old enough that can get curious about 
HOW TO ATTRACT THE YOUNG via prospective ”Emloyee owned Experienced Team company, with Senior +, ++ & SUDDENLY”?

Please give your feedback* directly if you want. Have a Lovely Summer, Enjoy!

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(Offentlig = public, Ideburen = Non Profit, Näringsliv=industry, Hushåll= household)

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