"The Experienced TEAM Company with Senior +, ++ & Suddenly"

Experts in being curious elders , SHOWING real self-images
for age optimization and against prejudiced expectations

Work employee-owned, creative and together - for transformation
with a holistic perspective for lean development in the continuous movement in 
reality towards The Global Goals (ONE Health, Planetary Health).

With the right of age "The Experienced TEAM AB” can turn and twist about
equal values in different organisations
for Public Benefit and Health of Future generations,
on demand with reinforcements from Senior +, ++ & Suddenly.

Senior +, ++                                                                                                                        & Suddenly
Extra resources, life lines                                                                                                                 frontiers

Connected resources, experts                                                                                                    Test-pilotes
Competens & Quality of life                                                                                                      Quality of life
Social sustainability                                                                                                                  Social dignity

Learning & Sharing approach
hosting (& value)-supportive, -constructive -developing

The Culture and the Qulture is the big challenge – ALL THE TIME!

Locally, regionally, nationally, internationally, globally

Multi-dimensional bridges between

Simultaneously offering some different ways to keep working after retirement
to consolidate private economy for whom who wants, can and has to.

The residence of the company is secondary.

Showing the value of elders competence in dayly co-creation, every days change,
skills supply, dubble mentorship, activitities, local turism and social sustainability as a whole.

Respecting the unique circomstances in every community

The target picture:
Layer over layer in agile Microsystems for cross-generational, cross-organisational and cross-logic understanding.

Complementary to what so many organisations do!
Multi dimensional by attracting different organisations,
experts of being elders.
A little from a distance with just as free networks of elders

Here it´s all about the holistic context for The Global Goals, (ONE Health, Planetary Health). Worth a try? Projektsupport S-O AB intend to join in building these bridges. Convinced that we, readily with 
ROTATIONSHIP®, can contribute 100%. However no one can handle his/her own bias. This isn´t something you can build on your own together with trusted friends. Not within a single "silo" nor in a cluster of "silos". It requires great humbleness in making it just so really good that we absolutely don´t want to close the door to. 

               o The ageing population is something TOTALY NEW that we haven´t related to before, 
                  we are not trained for it. Elders are enormous unused resources that we already can see                           impacting our communities almost everywhere. Norrbotten in Sweden is at international
                  front edge.
               o Projektsupport S-O AB has been scouting about it since almost five years,
               o The ageing population is the reason behind a lot of research, it is what the broad Life                                 Science industry and Healthcare sector is all about, and
               o Health is behind the ambition of the Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation
                  (SIGHT) in their contributution in LancetCountdown ONE HEALTH /Planetary Health.

Our fantastic role model, prof. emerita Barbro Westerholm, member of the Swedish Parliament is just one example… there are so many more good role models with experience from all sectiors. To work and to keep an identity is one key health factor. Senior+, ++ & Suddenly refers to "The Experienced Team"-close and comlementary experts that that can attract, be attracted and included by other offers and assignments for belonging, communities, scouting, trademarks, quality assurance, social sustainablility etc.

PRIMARY PREVENTION is the area of "The experienced TEAM AB with Senior +. ++ & Suddenly", concerns "The Today Resident" and the evaluation of  deliveries of goods and services from different forms of organisations. Continously there are always small on-going movements. There are so many different roads to choose when it is the customers and the residents who are the "kings and queens" in the receptions. 

We would like to get it right from the beginning and start in a small scale, but clearly for cross-logic, cross-organisational and cross-generations understanding. ”No one left behind” and all different organisation forms treated alike in the holistic purpose of The Global Goals, (ONE Health, Planetary Health). Therefor good to just start, preferably without subsidies, but with real customers ready to take part in developing/development. ”All teach/All learn”.


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