The common values that should characterize every ROTATIONSHIP®  
is about:

The participation of everyone:

                A prerequisite for a successful ROTATIONSHIP® is that participating organizations have 
                confidence in each other and that and every participant feel they have the confidence to     
                perform and develop their tasks. Everyone must therefore see its role in the big picture, have
                clear objectives, the means required and knowledge of the results to be achieved. Privacy and 
                confidentiality are respected.

Skills development:
                The collective expertise is crucial, both for the success of participating organization's and their
                competitiveness for the value added by each ROTATIONSHIP®. Therefore, the development  
                of skills in each ROTATIONSHIP® are seen from both an organizational and from an individual
                perspective, to thereby develop and supply expertise in a way that strengthens the individuals
                as well as the participating organizations.

Social responsibility:
               Each participating organization has a social responsibility beyond laws and regulations. The   
               organization and its employees must see their processes, products and services as parts of a
               larger whole, and actively contribute to improvements in both society and the environment.

Horizontal principles:
               Gender mainstreaming, equality and social inclusion through mutual respect between 
               people internally and exteranlly of each ROTATIONSHIP®, Trans-regionality and trans-
               nationality, Inclusion of persons with disabilities. Currage.

              Different organizational affiliation and various personal identities presents opportunities and
              form the basis of a ROTATIONSHIP®. The formulated core values and key principles, shows
              that we have reflected upon what it might mean when different ideas, about what is best for a 
              ROTATIONSHIP® and its common objective, bump into each other in so-called valuation
              collisions. The valuation collisions are the participating organizations' and the individuals'
              identities and their own values get distinct, which is good. It is therefore important to establish,
              communicate and make clear the common core values in each ROTATIONSHIP®, so that we   
              can stand up to it, know who we are and what distinguishes the cooperative format
              of ROTATIONSHIP®.


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