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Projektsupport S-O gives you the opportunity to supplement your existing resources within quality, marketing, manegement and business administration - as sounding board or in shorter assesments. The process “Need and demand to delivery and after market" is our strength. It is a process that follows the entire value system, from idea to finished product / service and its impact on possible stakeholders. If we can´t deliver what you´re looking looking for, we´ll do our best to assist you in findig someone that can.

Designing Health services as well as Life Science marketing requires qualified considerations and market reconciliations all along the products- or services lifecycles. It needs timing, right conditions and opportunities that lead to good result, confidence and attraction. Standads, design methods and marketing gives suggestions for new ideas and development. Verified information also provides time to act.

We are good at business administration, quality, marketing management and (challenge driven) skills supply and would be pleased to add value to your business!

Projektsupport S-O has joined
SIS, Swedish Standards Institute and SIS/TK 304 AG 3.1 for participating in the  revision of the Swedish standard SS 624070 Management system for Skills supply. The update of ISO9001 that was released September 23rd 2015 highlights risks and possibilities for the organisation in its context. We´re ready to contribute with our services.

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Anna Larsson, Projektsupport S-O
Anna Larsson, Projektsupport S-O