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The Patient Journey ougth to be the common story in the Life Science valuesystem's wider context, including stakeholders needs and expectations...
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Opinion article written by Barbro Westerholm, Prof. em and Anna Larsson,
Projektsupport S-O, Published in Kemivärlden Biotech Kemisk Tidskrift No 4 June 2015:

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A new approach to skills supply
The writers suggest a new way for research-intensive businesses and organisations to manage the skills issue – cross-sector job rotation.

Concern about skills supply is tangible in Sweden. Our appeal describes a path to ensuring future skills supply in individual organisations as well as entire sectors by means including utilising the experience and social commitment of older workers – “the elders” – coupled with young people’s needs for support and development. This requires leadership that promotes development and provides scope for innovation, reflection and workplace community.."  download the full article 


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