Our social responsibility

Diversity Policy

Life Science in its broadest definition, is an area that includes the diversity in all ways. Working for Projektsupport S-O we promote the advatages in the diversity between people. By mutual understanding and respect for the diversity we use the energy that emerge from our differences reaching the company target in all situations.

Sustainability Policy

The number of peole in our planet is increasing and the working population is decreasing in relation to the total population. The climat  changes and the limited natural resources demands that we all act and think about sustainabilty to obtain an affordable welfare. Within life science it concerns: sustainable habits, food, labormarkets, environment, health-care, palliative care, pharmaseuticals, med tech products, elderly care etc.

Working for Projeksupport S-O we are involved in healthcare, medtech products, pharmaseuticals and elderly care. And we are also engaged in welcoming recently graduates  to find Life science a challenging field for thier careers.

At the moment and in spite of the present macroeconomic problems, Sweden among other countries are investing heavily in research and developement, by ESS and
MAX IV Laboratory in Lund, SciLifeLab in Stockholm-Uppsala and governement support via VINNOVA that favors  collaboratory develpoment projects between different Swedish regions. When industry, ackademia and politics are move in the same direction major breakthoughs can happen. Environments for stimulating collaboration between the three are built in many places in contact with the universities. The puplic is getting more and more consious about the need of a sustainable society.

Working for Projektsupport S-O we encourage our customers to efficiently reach the market with sustainable products and services. In our daily business and for the sustainability of the company we are care about keeping sustainable business relations with great respect for the integrety of our customers and other stakeholders.  We cherish a healthy competition in the market and we keep ourselves updated regarding the code of business.

Policy and our Social Responsibility follow-up

Working for Projektupport S-O we rregularly discuss how we follow and how we can make our policies and our social responsibility clear in our processes and in reaching the targets of the company. We have all signed to support our current policies.

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