Projektsupport S-O offers you possibilities, in shorter assignments, to add extra resources within the area of business administration. The process "Market demand to Sales" is our focus. This process includes the entire chain of values, from idea to complete service/product and it´s impact in relation to possible stakeholders.


Scouting in the context is the foundation for our work. In a shifting world and considering the change of generations, we believe in a growing demand for project supporters over the years to come. Project supporters that have an eye on the industry and with skills to communicate in diverse cultures. Hence our name Projektsupport S-O.


We continuously develop our network and in all ways we aim to facilitate the cooperation between our customers and their stakeholders organizations in a Swedish/Nordic/Global perspective. We would be pleased to scout for your possibilities while visiting different places in Sweden in the Nordics. See more about our activities here.

In Projektsupport S-O we have experience of quality, marketing and sales in small and middle sized sales companies. We also have experience of work at a university as well as at a global corporation within the Life Science industry and access to experience within medical research and hospital management.

The company was founded in spring 2012 and has today one full-timer, planning to expand as the demand makes it possible. From1st of March 2015 we have access to expertise in Healthcare management and medical research.

Projektsupport S-O owns the trademark and develops the service  ROTATIONSHIP® in different variants.

Projektsupport S-O is engaged in attracting young graduates to contribute in the line of Health, Healthcare and Life Science businesses. Newly graduated can contribute with their valuable view of the reality.

Therefore we are pleased to connect you with other organisations for temporary assignments for students performed during their studies and thesis works suitable for your business. It can be about any process subject for areas of the MBA education such as quality, marketing/statistics/demography-, ERP systems/administration/organisation-, finance-, procurement/payment management. Nonprofitable we intermediate the contacts and we can offer our help in certain parts of the resposibility of tutoring the students that is demanded.

CV Anna Larsson CV Anna Larsson

             Anna Larsson, BBA+
              CEO, consultant

CV Lars-Torsten Larsson

           Expert Health Care Management:
           Lars-Torsten Larsson, MD.PhD, Ass.Prof 



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